70001105 Elevated GradientColors wishes

Article 70001105
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 7011
Date Added 6/21/2017
Fixed 7.7012.0.1 (6/22/2017)
Submitted by Hugh Stevens


1.Support GroundSurface with multi Elevated GradientColors 2.Draw Elevated GradientColors of GroundSurface and vdPolyface in Wire 2d mode 3.Create vdPolyface Facelist by triangulated the VertexList


In version 7012.0.1 the following new feauters was added
1.GradientColors of vd vdGroundSurface can be seted with multi ElevatedGradientColors
2.When vdPolyface or vdGroundSurface has GradientColors then they are drawn as solid in wire2d render mode also.
3.A new method Triangulate was added in vdPolyface object.
Triangulates the object VertexList points using Delaunay algorithm and change the FaceList property with calculated triangles.

GradientColors property is useful to create HeatMaps by setting the z parameter of each point in the Points of vdGroundSurface or in VertexList of vdPolyface to a measurement value
and andding elavated colors to GradientColors property

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