Why Choose Vectordraw

Founded in 1998, VectorDraw Corporation is a software community of expert professionals whose main devotion for the new technology guided them to the establishment of the company. Up to date, over 700 software houses trust our products and it is our engine that make us so reliable among software developers. We have the experience and the technological know-how to develop tools that could bring the cutting edge to what you are looking for in Vector Graphics. All our development tools use the same engine, which our Research & Development team is consistently revising, in order to meet your expectations and needs.

  • All in one.

    VectorDraw Developers Framework provides to the annual subscriber a full pachage of components (.net , ocx , web control , vdRay photorealistic rendering , ifc) that can fullfill his application's needs.
  • Ease of use

    VectorDraw graphic libraries can be used in almost all development platforms, and within the first minutes of use you can have an application sample to open/read/view and edit drawing files or add editable vector objects, images , 3D & 2D objects, curves that will give your application a user friendly graphical output. Also VectorCADEx professional CAD editor is available with its source code for quick and easy development.
  • Royalty free

    VectorDraw graphic SDK allows programmers to purchase and use their license on a royalty free basis and at an incredible value. Your VectorDraw powered programs can be redistributed by you without the need to purchase additional licenses. By creating these types of applications, you eliminate the need to install or license the more expensive original application that created the vector files, and you only have to include the functionality for your specific needs. 
  • Developer is our partner

    VectorDraw is a customer oriented company and we take pride in our responsiveness to customer remarks. We have developed a wish list, where you could comment, ask and even suggest technical information that you desire our products to have.
  • Custom work

    You can use our experience and resources in order to add to your project(s) functionality designed and build specially for you and for your customers needs. These extra is offered to our customers after further communication. If you have such requests then contact us to discuss further.
  • Wide variety of use

    ERP, Document Management, CAD/CAM/CAE application, GIS and geographical applications, CNC machines, Space & resource management and generally any application that requires a vector or raster graphical user-friendly output. 
  • Your user interface

    You choose the interface and you choose the environment where you want to implement your graphics application.
  • Technical Support

    VectorDraw offers free and unlimited technical support via email and internet, and our customers receive this free technical support as long as they are using our service. We also offer premium support options on a per case basis. Technical Support, is what you repeatedly ask for and this is what we deliver.
  • Risk free

    VectorDraw  is available in a functional evaluation version. You can test all features and actually program with the evaluation version before the purchase is made. The evaluation period lasts for 90 days which we believe is plenty to discover the quality of our work.
  • Modern Development Platform and OS Support

    VectorDraw use the latest technologies, targeting Microsoft platforms providing developers with .NET Class Libraries and also ActiveX wrapper that can be used easily to create web applications.
  • Revolutionary File Format

    VectorDraw uses a powerful format named VDML (and VDCL which is the same as VDML but compressed) XML based that supports custom objects and is not depended from the component's version. Beside this we support import and export of other important formats like .DXF, .DWG, .DGN, .SKP , .IFC , .OBJ , .LAS , .EMF, .WMF, .PDF , .SVG and raster images (.BMP, .JPG, .PNG , .TIFF etc...).
  • Experience

    We have the experience and the technological know-how to develop tools that could bring the cutting edge to what you are looking for in Vector Graphics. 
  • Used by Market Leaders and researchers

    Schneider Electric, Boeing Commercial Airplane, Saperion, Palfinger , Vodafone, ABB and also university institutions like TEI of Athens etc.
  • Industry Recognition - Peer Approved

    VectorDraw consistently receives industry recognition including ComponentSource's top companies and products awards in this very demanding component market.

VectorDraw's goal is to meet the ever-changing needs of the graphics application developer. Our customers have been successful through our service, quality and innovation.