70001371 Create a polyhatch in a non-XY plane

Article 70001371
Type HowTo
Product Engine
Version 7
Date Added 7/23/2018
Fixed 7.7016.0.2 (7/23/2018)
Submitted by Wayne R.


How can I create a polyhatch in a non X/Y plane


When creating a hatch the polycurves and the Hatch should be in the X/Y plane so if you have polylines in the SAME but not X/Y plane you need to "bring" them to the X/Y plane, create the polyhatch and then set them back to their plane. See the code:

        private void Test()
            vdDocument doc = vdFramedControl.BaseControl.ActiveDocument;

            #region create 2 random polylines
            // we will use two circles in order to get some random points from them to create the polylines.
            vdCircle cir1 = new vdCircle(doc, new gPoint(3, 2), 5);
            vdCircle cir2 = new vdCircle(doc, new gPoint(3, 2), 2);
            Vector vec = new Vector(0.3, 0.7, -0.2); vec.Normalize();
            cir1.ExtrusionVector = vec;
            cir2.ExtrusionVector = vec;
            // 2 circles are created in the same "random" plane

            // get some points from these just to "have" two polylines
            gPoints pts1 = cir1.geomMeasure(7); // points of 1st polyline
            gPoints pts2 = cir2.geomMeasure(4); // points of 2nd polyline

            Matrix mat = new Matrix(); // this is the matrix of the plane that the circles belong to
            mat.SetToViewDirection(vec, 0.0d);
            Matrix invmat = new Matrix(mat.GetInvertion());

            // create the curves for the polyhatch
            vdPolyline pl = new vdPolyline(doc, pts1);

            // vector should be perpendicular in the plane where the polyline is and can also calculated using CalculateNormal3P, like:
            Vector vec2 = new Vector();
            Vector.CalculateNormal3P(pl.VertexList[0] as gPoint, pl.VertexList[1] as gPoint, pl.VertexList[2] as gPoint, out vec2);
            // in this case we already have it from the circle, as we set it above.

            pl.ExtrusionVector = vec;
            pl.Flag = VdConstPlineFlag.PlFlagCLOSE;
            pl.Transformby(mat); // we need to bring these points to X/Y plane

            VectorDraw.Professional.vdCollections.vdCurves curves_Outer = new VectorDraw.Professional.vdCollections.vdCurves();

            pl = new vdPolyline(doc, pts2);
            pl.ExtrusionVector = vec;
            pl.Flag = VdConstPlineFlag.PlFlagCLOSE;
            pl.Transformby(mat); pl.Update(); // we need to bring these points to X/Y plane
            VectorDraw.Professional.vdCollections.vdCurves curves_Inside = new VectorDraw.Professional.vdCollections.vdCurves();

            //'create polyhatch
            vdPolyhatch onehatch = new vdPolyhatch(doc);
            onehatch.HatchProperties = new VectorDraw.Professional.vdObjects.vdHatchProperties(VectorDraw.Professional.Constants.VdConstFill.VdFillModeSolid);

            onehatch.Transformby(invmat); // bring this to the plane where the circles are.

            //just add the circles for display reasons. There is no need to add them

            doc.CommandAction.Zoom("E", 0, 0);

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