70001414 Distribution change in version 8001

Article 70001414
Type HowTo
Product Engine
Version 8
Date Added 10/9/2018
Fixed 8.8001.0.1 (10/18/2018)
Submitted by Peter Chanios


Distribution change in version 8001


Since version 7.x / 7.7016, redistribution of our components has changed. Please ignore the documents created earlier that state different procedures than these described in the new readme_redis.htm / readme_redis_vdray.htm documents that come with the setup of the Version 8.x.

The Microsoft VC++ 9.0 runtimes are not used any more. From VDF version 8.x the Visual C++ 2010 and Visual C++ 2017 are used so their VS C++ redistributables are necessary. The other prerequisite is the .NET 2.0 or .NET 3.5 SP1 Framework.
Also, if you build AnyCPU applications then you need to create two different setups to target x86 and x64 systems as there are no "X86_X64" merge modules from Microsoft for VC++ 2010 & 2017 any more. Note that you should not use the VDF dlls that are installed in your system by our dev. setup to create your setup/redistribution. Instead you should use the dlls inside the AnyCPUSxS.zip or use the merge modules that we provide that contain the correct VDF dlls.
Also, from version 8.8002 and later, a new dll was added to our collection the VectorDraw.SolidModel.dll file that is necessary for VDF.

Inside the redistribution package zip file that we provide from our website (available only for the developers and not the evaluators) there are the VDF merge modules and the necessary Microsoft's Visual C++ runtimes also. These Microsoft's Visual C++ 2010/2017 runtimes can be obtained from Microsoft website also.

For more information and details on how to redistribute your VDF-power application just follow the instructions in readme_redis.htm / readme_redis_vdray.htm documents that are installed along with our dev. setup in a {programfiles}\VectorDraw folder in your dev. machine.

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