70001559 How to clear erased items from a layout or a block

Article 70001559
Type HowTo
Product WebJS
Version 8
Date Added 6/14/2019
Fixed 7 (6/14/2019)
Submitted by Kostas Androulakis


How to clear erased items of layout or block.


Bellow we create two different examples for how to clear erased items from the layout or a block.

Example 1: Clear erased items of active Layout

           var tempCol = [];
           var activelayout = vdcanvas.GetActiveLayout();
           for (var k = 0; k < activelayout.Entities.Items.length; k++) {
               var fig = vdcanvas.GetEntityItem(activelayout.Entities.Items[k]);
               if (!fig.Deleted) tempCol.push(activelayout.Entities.Items[k]);//If not an item is Deleted we push it in our tempCol
           activelayout.Entities.Items = tempCol;//update the active layout entities with the tempCol
Example 2: Clear erased items of a block
           var tempCol = []; 
           var blk = vdcanvas.AddBlock("myblock");//let's say that the block we want to update is the 'blk'
           for (var k = 0; k < blk.Entities.Items.length; k++) {
               var fig = vdcanvas.GetEntityItem(blk.Entities.Items[k]);
               if (!fig.Deleted) tempCol.push(blk.Entities.Items[k]);//If not an item is Deleted we push it in our tempCol
           blk.Entities.Items = tempCol;//update the block entities with the tempCol

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