70001671 LineWeights are not dispaly properly when printing in 3D modes

Article 70001671
Type HowTo
Product Engine
Version 8
Date Added 1/22/2020
Fixed 8.8004.0.3 (1/24/2020)
Submitted by Davide Andreoli


LineWeights are not apply properly when printing in 3D modes


This is happening because lineWeights depend on DPI of output device
Entities by default are using display lists that are calculated in screen rendering with a different DPI
So in order to display the lineWeights properly you have to call the vdDocument.Update Command before PrintOut and after command finishes
-or- entities that are using LineWeights must be excluded from list using the vdFigure.Draw3DFlag = ExcludeFromList
If a filled figure with LineWeight has HatchPattern , by default the hatchs are drawn with the Minimum PenWidth ,
in order hatches to be drawn with same lineWeight as the entity that it belongs you have to set the
vdDocument.GlobalRenderProperties.ApplyLWtoHatchProperties = true

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