70002444 How can I delete layer in weblibrary

Article 70002444
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Product WebJS
Version 10
Date Added 11/23/2023 12:00:00 AM
Fixed 10.1005.0.4 (11/24/2023 12:00:00 AM)
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How can I delete layer in weblibrary


In order to delete a layer you must first delete all entities in the drawing that reference this layer

Example deleted all entities that belong to layer with name "ALayerName" and final the layer itself

            var layername = "ALayerName"; 
            var layer = vdcanvas.FindLayer(layername);
            var layerHandle = 'h_' + layer.HandleId.toString();
            if (!layer) return;

            var vddoc = vdcanvas.GetDocument();
             //Warning ActiveLayer must not be deleted.If you want to delete a layer that is Active then change the ActiveLayer with an other one
            if (vddoc.ActiveLayer === layerHandle) return;
             //WARNIG you can not delete the default standard layer '0'
            if(layername =="0") return;

           //enumerate all document properties and check those that represent drawing entities that can be reference to a layer
            for (prop in vddoc) {
                if (!prop.substr(0, 2) == 'h_') continue;
                var obj = vddoc[prop];
                //if the object reference to the layer mark it as deleted
                if (!obj.Layer) continue;
                if (obj.Layer !== layerHandle) continue;
                obj.Deleted = true;
            //finally delete the layer itself
            layer.Deleted = true;
             setTimeout(vdcanvas.redraw());//post a redraw to see the changes in the drawing

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