70002447 How to extract a wall object geometry from a collection of polyfaces

Article 70002447
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Product Engine
Version 10
Date Added 11/30/2023 12:00:00 AM
Fixed 10.1005.0.4 (11/30/2023 12:00:00 AM)
Submitted by Dieter Hammer


How to extract a wall object geometry from a collection of polyfaces


                //Example Select an Insert or a Polyface object
                //Find the  the outline boundary of the selected object
                //Convert it to a vdRect object that will represent a wall 
                vdFigure fig;
                gPoint pt;
                doc.Prompt("Select an Insert or a Polyface object");
                doc.ActionUtility.getUserEntity(out fig, out pt);
                gPoints verts = new gPoints();
                if (fig is vdInsert)
                    vdInsert ins = fig as vdInsert;
                    if (ins == null) return;

                    vdEntities exploded = ins.Explode();
                    for (int i = 0; i < exploded.Count; i++)
                        vdPolyface pf = exploded[i] as vdPolyface;
                        if (pf == null) continue;
                else if (fig is vdPolyface)
                if (verts.Count < 2) return;
                Box bbox = verts.GetBox();
                double thickness = bbox.Thickness;
                double level = bbox.Min.z;
                // get an array of points that consist the outline boundary of polyface vertxlist
                gPoints pts = verts.GetOutlineBoundary();
                for (int i = 0; i < pts.Count; i++) pts[i].z = level;//set all point to elevation of the minimum point of entities boundry
                //find maximum segment length that will be used as a base Axis for the wall direction
                double maxdist = 0.0;
                int index = -1;
                for (int k = 0; k < pts.Count - 1; k++)
                    double dist = pts[k].Distance2D(pts[k + 1]);
                    if (dist > maxdist)
                        index = k;
                        maxdist = dist;
                if (index >= 0)
                    //get the angle of max segment that will be used axis to projection the boundary points
                    double angle = pts[index].GetAngle(pts[index + 1]);
                    Matrix m = new Matrix();
                    //create a vdrect with Width, Height and Thickness tha will define the final wall object
                    Box box = pts.GetBox();

                    vdRect rc = new vdRect(doc, box.Min, box.Width, box.Height, 0.0) { Thickness = thickness };
                    //rotate the rect to the real world coordinate system
                    //set a transparent color to comare it with the original polyfce
                    //and add the vdRect to the document model entities
                    //so finally the vdRect will represent a wall and 
                    //the Width property is the wall length,
                    //the Height property is the wall thickness and
                    //the Thickness is the wall height.
                    //and the Rotation property defines  the wall direction
                    rc.HatchProperties = new vdHatchProperties(VdConstFill.VdFillModeSolid);
                    rc.HatchProperties.FillColor = new vdColor(vdColor.ColorType.ByBlock);
                    rc.PenColor = new vdColor(Color.Red, 100);



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