60000283 The object Grip_SelectedObject to be a "Wrapper" object and not a VDF .NET object

Article 60000283
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 6009
Date Added 10/26/2007
Fixed (10/27/2007)
Submitted by Hartmut Becker


The object Grip_SelectedObject in wrapper, to be a "Wrapper" object and not a VDF .NET object


In 6010 the Grid_SelectedObject property of vdraw control return a VdrawI5 wrapper type(VdrawI5.vdObject)

example in C++ 6:


//open a new document and adds the Selection of all entities of the ActiveLayout in the PropertyGrid

 CvdSelection set = m_vd.GetActiveDocument().GetSelections().Add("test");


//Get the selected Interface of Property Grid as VdrawI5.vdObject interface.
 LPDISPATCH disp = m_vd.GetGrid_SelectedObject();
 //test if the ObjectType is vdselection and display the selection name

//when the Selected object of property grid is a Selection then a temporary selection of VdrawI5.vdselection is return.

//The selection contains all the entities of the previous created selection with name "test".
 CvdObject obj =disp;
 if(obj.GetObjectType() == "VDSELECTION")

 CvdSelection set2 = disp;


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