60001378 DGN preserve object types when importing exporting a file

Article 60001378
Type Wish
Product Converter
Version 6020
Date Added 4/6/2011
Fixed (6/27/2011)
Submitted by Adam White


DGN preserve object types when importing/exporting a file


In version 6021 polylines and polyhatch objects was changed when export/Import in dgn file format

1.ComplexShape dgn elements that contains LineString , Arc and/or Line elements are imported as vdPolyhatch objects with one PolyCurve that contains one vdCurves which contains the elements of ComplexShape

2.vdPolyline objects with Flag = SFlagSTANDARD and with no bulges in their vertex list are exported as LineString dgn element

3.vdPolyHatch objects that have one vdPolyCurve that contains vdPolyline,vdArc and/or vdLine objects are exported as ComplexShape dgn element type.

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