60002097 Cursor in selecting to have also the cross axis

Article 60002097
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 6026
Date Added 12/9/2013
Fixed (12/11/2013)
Submitted by Mikeal Hooley


In version 6.6025.1.1, the cursor when selecting (window select) was a cross only. In the current version we are using (6.6026.0.3), the cursor is just a pick box. We would like it to look like it did in the earlier version, with the cross shape, rather than the small box.


In version 6027 a new property AxisVisibility of document.GlobalRenderProperties was added, which controls the visibility of cross axis during select actions.

It can get one of the AxisVisibilityFlag values
     ShowOnSelectActions : Axis is drawn for all select actions.
     HideOnSelectActions : Axis is not drawn when acion is wainting for a selection.

Default value is HideOnSelectActions

A similar property exists for the PickBoxVisibility from version 6025 and up, see article 60001779.

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