60002102 I need to draw simple objects rectangles circles etc fast in the web library

Article 60002102
Type Wish
Product WebJS
Version 6026
Date Added 12/18/2013
Fixed (12/18/2013)
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I need to draw simple objects (rectangles, circles etc.) fast in the web library. Using redraw() takes too much time for the "highlight effect" I want to accomplish.


New function ActionDrawEntities() has been added to the vdWeb library. Using this function, objects can be temporarily drawn on the library's drawing area fast, independent of the Document entites' number. Using this function, someone can perform highlight, tooltip and such operations.

var vdcanvas = vdmanager.vdrawObject('canvas');
//By passing null we clear any draws we have executed before.
var vddoc = vdcanvas.GetDocument();
if (!vddoc) return;
if (box) {
var bmin = vdgeo.newpoint(box[0], box[1], box[2]);
var bmax = vdgeo.newpoint(box[3], box[4], box[5]);

var vdobj = {};
vdobj._t = vdConst.vdRect_code;

vdobj.LineType = vddoc.ActiveLineType;
vdobj.Layer = vddoc.ActiveLayer;
vdobj.PenColor = vddoc.ActivePenColor;

vdobj.PenColor.SystemColor = [50, 50, 200, 150];
vdobj.HatchProperties = {};
vdobj.HatchProperties.FillColor = {};

vdobj.InsertionPoint = bmin;
vdobj.Rotation = 0.0;
vdobj.Width = bmax[0] - bmin[0];
vdobj.Height = bmax[1] - bmin[1];

//Any type of vdraw entity can be passed in this array. If it is created correctly, it will be drawn.

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