70000187 I would like some changes to the frmEditPointsDialog

Article 70000187
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 7002
Date Added 12/3/2014
Fixed (12/12/2014)
Submitted by Thomas Müller


I would like some changes to two vdraw dialogues. I would like the frmEditPointsDialog to present all points in table format as well as a new "AddVertex" button.


In version 7003 the frmEditPointsDialog was improved. A new button was added to allow the user to add a new point in the collection. Also a table was added containing the collection's points. Now the user can edit the points through the textboxes or through the Table. Also, a new Static boolean property - ShowExpanded - was added that defines if the dialog is to be invoked in its compact or its full version.

Compact Version

Full Version

By setting the ShowExpanded true of false the user can use between the two forms. After the dialog is opened you can open or close the points table using the "Table" button.

    vdPolyline pl = new vdPolyline(doc);
    for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++)
        if (i % 4 == 0)
            pl.VertexList.Add(new gPoint(i, i));
        else if (i % 4 == 1)
            pl.VertexList.Add(new gPoint(-i, i));
        else if (i % 4 == 2)
            pl.VertexList.Add(new gPoint(-i, -i));
        else if (i % 4 == 3)
            pl.VertexList.Add(new gPoint(i, -i));

    //Now the dialog will be shown in its full form.
    VectorDraw.Professional.Dialogs.frmEditPointsDialog.ShowExpanded = true;
    VectorDraw.Professional.Dialogs.frmEditPointsDialog.Show(doc, pl.VertexList, doc.ActionControl, pl);

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