70000192 A new 3D command Push Pull

Article 70000192
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 7002
Date Added 12/5/2014
Fixed (12/5/2014)
Submitted by Peter Chanios


A new 3D command which can help users create complex 3D objects.


In version 7003 we added a new command in our CommandAction object like below

summary>This is a command where the user can draw a curve (circle , ellipse , polyline , rect) to a polyface's face and then pull or push it in order to have the combination of these two objects as a result.
param name="Polyface">A vdPolyface object or "USER" , null so the user picks the object from the screen.
param name="Faces">A vdArray of int or "USER", null so the user picks the faces from the screen.
returns>True if the operation was succesfull.
public bool CmdCurvePushPull(object Polyface, object Faces)

This command has the following steps
- First the user selects a polyface where the command will take place.
- Then the user selects some faces of the polyface , these faces must belong to the same plane.
- Then the user is asked to select which curve he wants to draw (circle , ellipse , polyline , rect).
- The UCS changes automatically and the user draws the curve , inside the faces that he already selected.
- Last the user moving the mouse selects the "height" of the curve.

At the end a combination fo the curve and the polyface is being commited and the result is applied to the selected polyface.

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