70000238 Mouse elevation property

Article 70000238
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 7002
Date Added 1/12/2015
Fixed (1/12/2015)
Submitted by Vdraw team


New mouse elevation property


In version 7003 a new property of Double values was added in vdraw, MouseElevation. Using this property the user can perform mouse actions (move grip point, create lines etc.) whith a given Z value in addition to the any Z value already defined by the User2World matrix. This means that by setting the MouseElevation to a specific value, the point set will have the X and Y values of the cursor, and the Z value will be the MouseElevation value. This property can be very useful when a user needs to create 3D drawings with the mouse.

This property can be found in the vdDocument, vdLayout and vdViewport classes. The one in vdDocument reflects the active viewport's property if there is an active viewport, if not the case then it reflects the active layout's.

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