70000263 Not hightlighting the entity on locked layer but show tooltip

Article 70000263
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 7002
Date Added 1/23/2015
Fixed (1/25/2015)
Submitted by Charles Fitts


I have the following line of code: doc.LockLayerMethod = VectorDraw.Professional.vdObjects.vdDocument.LockLayerMethodEnum.EnableShowObjectToolTip; This does enable tooltips in locked layers to display, but it also highlights entities in locked layers as the cursor moves over them. Is there a way to show tooltips but not highlight the locked layers?


A new value EnableSelectionPreviewDraw of vdDocument.LockLayerMethod enum was added in version 7003.0.6
Defines if Entities in locked layers highlight drawn, when the cursor is over.
By default this value is included in vdDocument.LockLayerMethod. If it removed Entities in locked layers are not highlight drawn, when the cursor is over
example of excluding EnableSelectionPreviewDraw value:
if((document.LockLayerMethod & vdDocument.LockLayerMethodEnum.EnableSelectionPreviewDraw) != 0 ) document.LockLayerMethod ^= vdDocument.LockLayerMethodEnum.EnableSelectionPreviewDraw

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