70000272 New frmPickColorDialog form added in vectordraw

Article 70000272
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 7002
Date Added 1/28/2015
Fixed (1/28/2015)
Submitted by Vdraw team


New frmPickColorDialog form added in vectordraw.


In version 7002.0.6 a new form was added in vdraw by the name frmPickColorDialog.

This dialog offers the capability to get the color of a specific pixel of the given bitmap, by clicking on it. It also offers the capability to select a color from the windows palette, or an empty color.

Parameter names
doc --> The ActiveDocument of the control.
bmp --> The bitmap from which to pick color, clicking on a pixel.
c -->The color that will be selected by the user.
The returns the dialog result regarding if the user pressed the OK or Cancel button.

The user can call it through VectorDraw.Professional.Dialogs.frmPickColorDialog.Show(Document, new Bitmap(imageDef.Image.Image))

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