70000593 Cannot rename a layer to same name but with other case letters

Article 70000593
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 7005
Date Added 10/8/2015
Fixed 7.7006.0.4 (10/8/2015)
Submitted by Giorspyros Vissarion


I cannot rename a layer to the same name but with different case letters, like layer "START" to layer "Start"


Added in 7.7006.0.4
This code :

                vdLayer lay = new vdLayer(doc, "test");
                lay.Update();// a new layer named "test" is created
                //rename this layer from "test" to "TeSt", like
                lay.Name = "TeSt";
now works and renames the layer.

Beside vdLayer, similar code now renames all table objects: vdBLock, vdTextStyle, vdDimStyle, vdGroup, vdHatchPattern, vdImageDef, vdLayersFilter, vdLayersGroup, vdLayout, vdLineType, vdMultilineStyle, vdNamedUCS and vdView.

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