70000607 Support for 64bit vdraw.ocx ActiveX

Article 70000607
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 7005
Date Added 10/18/2015
Fixed 7.7006.0.5 (10/27/2015)
Submitted by Patrick Steele


Is it possible to have a 64bit (x64 build) ActiveX to be used with unmanaged dev. platforms ?


From version 7.7006.0.5 and up two new files,, vdraw.ocx and vdgrid.ocx are added to the x64 folder. These files are ActiveX build as x64 and can be used in such environments.

So after installing our set in your dev. machine, in the folder {ProgramFiles}\VectorDraw\Common\x64 you will find a zip file named "vdraw_ocx_x64.zip"  and also a text document named "vdraw_ocx_x64.Readme.txt". Please follow the guidelines inside this txt file in order to register the x64 build of vdraw.ocx in your system. Also a new Merge Module named "VdrawCOM_Module_x64.msm" is available for redistribution of the x64 build of the ActiveX, check the readme_redis.htm document  that is also installed with our dev. setup in your disk for more information.

Also a new VisualC++ sample that uses the x64 VDraw.ocx (Activex) is added as a zip file named  vcexample3264.zip into our samples  "VectorDrawSamples.zip".

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