70001216 Display Screen 3d navigation cube

Article 70001216
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 7012
Date Added 11/9/2017
Fixed 7.7014.0.1 (11/23/2017)
Submitted by Wayne Romer


Display Screen 3d navigation cube


In version 7014.0.1 a new property ViewCube was added in vdDocument object.

Returns the vdViewCube object that manages the View 3d cube over the screen.
By default the view cube is visible in 3D modes like Wire3D, Shade,Render etc. document.ViewCube.Display = ViewCubeDisplayFlags.Default

The vdViewCube object contains the following properties:
   Size: Specifies the size of the View 3d cube. It can be one of the vdViewCube.CubeSize values
       Default value is vdViewCube.CubeSize.Normal
   Location: Specifies the corner on the screen where the View 3d Cube is displayed. It can be LeftTop, LeftBottom, RightTop, RightBottom
       Default value is vdScreenBlock.LocationFlag.RightTop
   Opacity: Get/Set the tranparency of View 3d Cube over the existing screen.Valid range between 0 to 100
       Default value is 50.        If this valuse is 0 then the view cube is visible ONLY when the user cursor is over the cube location.
   Display: Defines how the view 3d cube is displayed. ViewCubeDisplayFlags enumerator contains all valid values
      Default value is ViewCubeDisplayFlags.Default

   ViewCubeDisplayFlags values:
       Hidden: view 3d cube is not diplayed
       Visible: view 3d cube is visible.
       ViewportsOn: view 3d cube is visible on viewports. If no viewports exist, then cubr will be visible only in Model layout.
       Wire2dOn: view 3d cube is visible on 2d rener modes too. If this value is not used then it will be visible in 3d render views.
       CompassOn: Compass (N, E, S, W) is displayed with the 3d Cube too.
       UserCSOn: Controls if View 3d Cube displayed relative to UCS or WCS.
       ZoomExtentsOnViewChange: Specifies if the drawing will fit on screen when view change by clicking hotspot on the cube.
       VisibleAll: the view 3d cube is visible in all views, that is: CompassOn | UserCSOn | ViewportsOn | Wire2dOn | ZoomExtentsOnViewChange | Visible
       Default: Default value used by VDF, that is: Visible + CompassOn + UserCSOn + ZoomExtentsOnViewChange,

Using the vdres.txt you can assign your own names for TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT, RIGHT, FRONT, BACK and N, W, S, E, like:
Different size of cubes (Large, Normal, Small) have different texts.

Also you can alter the default font used for these texts using the CUBE_FONT in vdres, like:

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