70001331 Draw edge lines to each polyface of the document

Article 70001331
Type Wish
Product WebJS
Version 7014
Date Added 5/16/2018 12:00:00 AM
Fixed 7.7015.0.4 (5/17/2018 12:00:00 AM)
Submitted by Brendan Fry


I would like to apply edge color to each polyface of the document.


In version 7015.0.4 a new DrawEdges property has been added to polyface object which by default is undefined.
If it is true the edge lines are drawn using the active PenColor of the polyface.
When the render mode is Shade or Render the color of the faces is specified by the fifth element of each face of the face list and the width of edge lines
can be changed by set a bigger value of line weight.
When WebGl is active so we use RenderGl or ShadeGl note that the line width of edge lines is always one pixel by a limitation of WebGl.
Also a new propery ApplyDrawEdges of canvas has been added which by default is true so the edge lines of polyfaces will be drawn.
We can set it to false in order not to be drawn any edge line of all the polyfaces of the document.For more information see article: 70001379
NOTE also that the edge lines of the polyface have NOT compatibility with the VDF component.This feature is only for WebControl.

Bellow you can see the difference between show and hide the edge lines of a cube polyface:

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