70001437 LASSO selection

Article 70001437
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 8001
Date Added 11/5/2018
Fixed 8.8002.0.1 (2/21/2019)
Submitted by lucas


LASSO selection


In version 8001 we added the Lasso Selection.
The user can move the cursor and points are being added compiling a lasso which eventually will be used to select the entities that either are entirelly inside the area of the Lasso or intersect it or both.
The user can change the mode using the spacebar.

Select Mode (Blue transparent background) : entities that are entirelly inside the figure will be selected.

Crossing Mode : Green transparent background) : entities that are inside and also cross the figure will be selected.

Fence Mode : None background : Entities that intersect the figure will be selected.

You can call this selecting method programmatically like below
vdSelection retset;
gPoints pts;
ActiveDocument.ActionUtility.getUserStartLassoSelection(false, null, out retset, out pts);

summary>Starts a Lasso selection command so the user can pick an area in order to select entities.
param name="freezeSelectionEvents">Set it to true in order not to be fired.
param name="reference">A reference point as a start for the window in View(Display) Coordinate System.You can pass a null object so the command will ask the user the start reference point.
param name="retset">A vdSelection object where the selected vdFigures will be returned.
param name="retpoints">Output collection that represents the points that the user selected in View Coordinate system.
returns>Returns a status code indicating the success of the action.
public StatusCode getUserStartLassoSelection(bool freezeSelectionEvents, gPoint reference, out vdSelection retset, out gPoints retpoints)

Also the Lasso selection will be available in our default select command with the option as "ls"

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