70001447 Support LAS and LAZ laser point cloud data formats

Article 70001447
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 8005
Date Added 11/14/2018 12:00:00 AM
Fixed 8.8006.0.2 (9/28/2020 12:00:00 AM)
Submitted by Joao Augusto Veroneze


Support LAS and LAZ laser point cloud data formats


In version 8006.0.2 new methods and properties was added for vdPointCloud object

1. bool ImportFromFile(string filename, bool mergePoints = false)

Set the points from the passed .las or .laz file
"filename" : An existing .las or .laz file that contains LASER point data records
"mergePoints" : optional.True in order to merge tha passed file points with this existing points. Default value is false

Returns True on success

2.bool ExportToFile(string filename)

Export this object points to a .las or .laz file
"filename":A file name with .las or .laz extension
Returns True on success

3.Colors property

Get/Set the color collection for each point.Default value is null
If it is null the vdFigure.PenColor of this object is used for all points.
If it is not null must have the same size as points
Each item represents an integer that contains the red green and blue color values in the same form as Color.ToArgb

Also you can use the vdDocument.Open passing a .las or .laz existing file and a new document is created with a vdPointCloud added to Model.Entities containing the points data of the selected file

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