70001460 Support view cube on webControl

Article 70001460
Type Wish
Product WebJS
Version 7016
Date Added 11/30/2018
Fixed 8.8001.0.4 (12/5/2018)
Submitted by Brendan Fry


I would like VectorDraw WebControl to support view cube.


In version 8001.0.4 view cube is supported.
In order to manage the cube,the bellow properties can be used.

size The size of the cube.It can be 0,1,2.0 is small,1 is medium and 2 is large.
location An integer that represents the location of the cube.0 is top-left,1 is top-right,2 is bottom-left and 3 is bottom-right.
opacity An integer (0-255).Minimum value is more transparent and maximun value is less transparent.Default value is 196.
display n integer that represents if the cube will be displayed or not.Set 0 in order Not to be displayed and 1 to be displayed.By default is not be displayed.

Example: We set the cube in top-right corner of the canvas with medium size and opacity 180.We can do it in the initialize event of the canvas element.

vdcanvas.viewcube.size = 1;
vdcanvas.viewcube.location = 1;
vdcanvas.viewcube.opacity = 180;
vdcanvas.viewcube.display = 1;

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