70001483 Disable default View cube action when other user actions are active

Article 70001483
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 7016
Date Added 1/14/2019
Fixed 8.8001.0.5 (1/15/2019)
Submitted by Marty


Disable default View-Cube action when other user actions are active. When the command View Rotate 3D is active and the pointer goes over cube the View3D action is stoped and the default cube dynamic rotate 3d is started.


Changed in version 8001.0.5
When a View Rotate 3D (View3D("VROT")), Pan or window/crossing entity Select actions are active then the default cube actions are ignored.

NOTE: if you have your own BaseAction override and want to keep this action when the cursor is over the cube (and ignore viewcube action) then you need to add the following code in your Base class constructor, like:

class MyAction :BaseAction{
public MyAction(){
this.ValueTypeProp |= valueType.HOLDKEYANDMOUSEINPUT;

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