70001496 Export a new event on after redraw the scene

Article 70001496
Type Wish
Product WebJS
Version 8001
Date Added 2/14/2019
Fixed 8.8002.0.1 (2/20/2019)
Submitted by Davide Andreoli


I would like you to export a new event which will be fired on after redraw the scene.


In version 8.8002.0.1 a new AfterRedraw event has been exported which Get/Set a method that called whenever a redraw of the vdraw canvas is finished.

Example for how to use it:

Set the event in the initialized page load of the canvas element and use it like bellow:

   var _initVdraw = function vdrawInitPageLoad() {

        vdmanager.AttachCanvas('vdraw', 800, 400);
        vdcanvas = vdmanager.vdrawObject('vdraw');       
        vdcanvas.vdAfterOpenDocument = _vdAfterOpenDocument;

        vdcanvas.AfterRedraw = _AfterRedraw;


   function _AfterRedraw(e) {

        // Do something here..

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