70001605 Turn visibility On or Off for mapped images

Article 70001605
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 8002
Date Added 9/16/2019
Fixed 8.8003.0.5 (9/16/2019)
Submitted by Wayne Romer


Can we please get a property on mapped images that allows us to set them to visible and not visible. Basically, something like: Polyface.MappedImages[0].Visible=false    and Polyface.MappedImages[1].Visible=true Customers often have a number of images mapped to the surface but want to turn the visibility on and off.


A new property Visible of vdMappedImage was added in version 8003.0.5
Get / Set the visiblity of the object.Default value is true.This value is also saved with the drawing

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