70001635 Support Bold SHX texts

Article 70001635
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 8003
Date Added 11/12/2019
Fixed 8.8004.0.1 (11/12/2019)
Submitted by Rickard Jonsson


Support Bold SHX texts


In version 8004.0.1 a new vdDocument.GlobalRenderProperties.ShxBoldWidth property of vdDocument.GlobalRenderProperties was added
Get/Set penwidth used to draw SHX Bold texts.
Positive value in percent of text height
-or- Negative in hundrends of device millimeters.
Default value is 20 percent of thext height
the non bold SHX texts are rendered using the vdDocument.GlobalRenderProperties.MinPenWidth which is by default 0.006 inches of output device

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