70001649 Improve quality of export text to pdf

Article 70001649
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 8003
Date Added 11/27/2019
Fixed 8.8004.0.1 (11/29/2019)
Submitted by Yabase Rickard Jonsson


Improve quality of export text to pdf


Exporting text to PDF was Improved in version 8004.0.1

NOTES about Exporting Texts to PDF
The vdDocument.FileProperties.PDFExportProperties = DrawTextAsSelected is not working for all text strings
In order to work must all the characters in the string to be encoded using the selcted CodePage to the range between 0 - 255.
if it is bigger then the text is drawn as outline

If DrawTextAsSelected is selected and the style of the text is one of the following TrueTypeFonts
Arial , Times, Courier New , Times New Roman,
then Standard embeded PDF Style is used and the output is more pretty

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