70001689 SpaceMouse support set center of view rotation

Article 70001689
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 8003
Date Added 2/7/2020
Fixed 8.8004.0.3 (2/11/2020)
Submitted by Pat Banks


I have been looking at our implementation of your SpaceMouse support and have noticed that the centre of rotation when using it is always the centre of visible data. This isn't very useful for a lot of the work we have to do. It would be better if we could control the centre of rotation, as we do for normal mouse orbiting. Have you exposed this property of the device?


In 8.8004.0.3 build the GlobalRenderProperties, DynamicRotFlag property also affects the SpaceMouse view rotation. If the value of this property is set to "AroundViewCenter" then the view rotation using the spacemouse is done around the ViewCenter of the active layout/viewport. Default value is Auto/Default which uses the center of the entities bounding box.

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