70001771 I want to know the units in IFC format

Article 70001771
Type Wish
Product vdIFC
Version 8004
Date Added 5/25/2020
Fixed 8.8005.0.7 (5/27/2020)
Submitted by Yannis Makarounis


I want to know the units in IFC format


A new proprty LUnits of vdIFCDocument was added in version 8005.0.7
Returns Units used for ifc document coordinates and length property values
It is a type of vdIFC.LengthUnits enum
It takes the following values:
Metre : 1 unit is 1 metre
Centimetre : 1 unit is 0.01 metre
Millimetre : 1 unit is 0.001 metre
Foot : 1 unit is 0.3048 metre
Inch : 1 unit is 0.0254 metre

Default value is Millimetre

It is defined when start a new vdIFCDocument with vdIFCComponent.New(LengthUnits lengthUnits)
-or- when open an existing ifc document

A utility method also added
double ConvertToUnit(double value, LengthUnits destination); Convert the passed value from selected vdIFCDocument.LUnits to destination units.

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