70001781 PropertyList to ignore big selections sets

Article 70001781
Type Wish
Product Engine
Version 8004
Date Added 6/3/2020
Fixed 8.8005.0.8 (6/3/2020)
Submitted by lpch534


PropertyList to ignore big selections sets


In version 8005 we added a new property to the properties grid like below
     public int MaxSelectedObjectDisplay
     summary: Get/Set the maximum number of selected objects to be displayed in the grid control. Default values is 0.
     remarks: When value is 0 then all selected objects will be displayed in the property grid. Recommended value 5000.

We added this property since in some slow systems selecting a very large amount of entities seems to be slow and the reason is the sorting of objects and properties performed by the PropertyGrid. Using this property you can limit the amount of selecting entities. The entities will still be selected and show their grips , work with commands etc...
The only difference is that they will not appear in the properties list.
In VB6 you need to add the vdProControl.TLB and vdPropertyGrid.TLB in your project's references and use a code like:

Dim vdpro8 As VdProControl.VdProControl
    Set vdpro8 = VDraw1.WrapperObject ' where vdraw1 is the VDF activex
    vdpro8.Grid.MaxSelectedObjectDisplay = 5000

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