70001885 Add blob parameter on AddBlockFromFile method

Article 70001885
Type Wish
Product WebJS
Version 8006
Date Added 12/10/2020
Fixed 8.8007.0.1 (12/10/2020)
Submitted by Bogumil Styczen


I would like to pass a file data string to AddBlockFromFile method instead of a filename of a .vds file.


In version 8.8007.0.1 we add a new parameter on the AddBlockFromFile method so the user is able to pass a file data string instead of a filename of a vds file.

AddBlockFromFile(string filename, string blockname, bool overwrite, vdLoadXrefDelegate loadedDelegate, string fileDataString)

"filename" > The filename of the file from where all the entities for the block will be taken.
"blockname" > The name of the block to be added.
"overwrite" > If the passed blockname exist and the overwrite is true the the block entities will be replaced from the passed filename drawing model entities.
"loadedDelegate" > Optional. If present, is a user define function that will be called when the block if successfully loaded.
"fileDataString" > Optional.If present and not is null represents the contents of filename that used to be loaded instead of downlonding the paseed filename.
returns > The created block object.

Note If we pass a file string data instead of a filename of a .vds file, we have to pass again a filename which maybe does not exist.

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