60000370 Union problem with specific polylines.

Article 60000370
Type Bug
Product Engine
Version 6010
Date Added 1/4/2008
Fixed (1/5/2008)
Submitted by Geoff Murrey


Union problem with specific polylines.


In 6011 an new method UnionEx was added in vdPolyline object :

Joins the Polyline with an other vdFigure object.
withFigure:The vdFigure object with which the union will take place(vdCircle,vdRect,vdPolyline).</param>
useSamplePoints:If true then divide all arc segments of curves into small line segments.
returns:True if the operation was succesfull.
bool UnionEx(VectorDraw.Professional.vdPrimaries.vdFigure withFigure, bool useSamplePoints);

This method can provide solution where Union fails. We kept Union for backword compatibility.It is recommended to use UnionEx for union operations.

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