60000670 Large Images are not displayed in CE devices

Article 60000670
Type Bug
Product Engine
Version 6013
Date Added 10/15/2008
Fixed (10/20/2008)
Submitted by Sami Tainio


Large Images are not displayed in CE devices


A new property MaxBmpMemorySize of vdRenderGlobalProperties was added in 6014.

This value represents the Maximum memory in bytes to be used for uncompressed bmp images.(Images of .bmp format  with 1 , 4 , 8 bit  per pixel).

document.GlobalRenderProperties.MaxBmpMemorySize  = 0xfff0;
Setting this value to 0xfff0(1Mb) uncompressed bmp Images will not load fully into memory and they will be drawn partially so each rectangle is 1Mb memory size.
After draw of image the memory will not increase. This enables the draw of very large bmp files by cutting these into small peaces. The value that the user sets to MaxBmpMemorySize should dependes on the hardware of the system that the software is running.


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