60001077 Filled arreas exceed the perigram (outline)

Article 60001077
Type Bug
Product Engine
Version 6017
Date Added 2/9/2010
Fixed (2/9/2010)
Submitted by Bruce Jacobs


Filled arreas exceed the perigram (outline)


Fixed in 6018

Also a new Property LineDrawQualityMode of GlobalRenderProperties was added.

It can take the value of vdRender.RenderingQualityMode.HighSpeed  or vdRender.RenderingQualityMode.HighQuality

Default value for the property is vdRender.RenderingQualityMode.HighSpeed  

Setting this value to vdRender.RenderingQualityMode.HighQuality the lines  will be drawn using the same algorithm as perigrams of Solid fileed objects.

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