60001311 Large image does not show in 32 bit machines

Article 60001311
Type Bug
Product Engine
Version 6019
Date Added 2/9/2011
Fixed (3/2/2011)
Submitted by viktor.weber


Large image does not show in 32 bit machines


Fixed in 6020

The Implementation of document.GlobalRenderProperties.MaxBmpMemorySize was changed.

Get/Set the maximun memory in bytes to be used for images in 32bit Applications.

Used to manipulate very big images in 32bit Applications.

Default value is -16777216 bytes.

Set it to 0 for no size reduce.

If the value is negative draw of images, which their size in memory is bigger than this value ,

is divided into sub images with size smaller than this value.

If the value is positive then the size of image reduced into lower resolution.

Use positive value in range between 67108864 to 134217728 if you are interesting in display equality

Else for hight quality use a negative value between -16777216 to -33554432.

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