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VectorDraw VDF and vdRay Tracing Components Full Setup

The full installation of all VDF components. It also includes the VDRay component. VDF IFC Add-on is included also. Includes help, doesn't include code samples, download them from below.

{ 10.1005.1.1 } Locked ~110 MB 12 Jan 2024

VectorDraw Developer Framework and vdRay Components Redistribution Files

For redistributing your VDF/vdRay application we provide MSMs (can be used in an installer) that installs and registers all the necessary dlls and libraries for your application to run. Also contains the AnyCPUSxS files for VDF and vdRay side by side installation and the VDF CAB file to use in the Internet Explorer for your web (HTML) applications

{ 10.1005.1.1 } Locked ~280 MB 12 Jan 2024

VectorDraw Web Library

Contains samples, getting start guides, vdfCAD application and the Javascript web control

{ 10.1005.1.1 } Locked ~65 MB 12 Jan 2024

VectorDraw vdWall custom object source code (IFC only)

The vdWall custom Object source code

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VectorDraw VDF and vdRay Samples

This zip file includes all VDF and VDRay samples for the .NET libraries (C# and VB.NET), samples for the VDF wrapper ActiveX, and help materials and getting started guides.

{ 10.1005.1.1 } Locked 200 MB 12 Jan 2024

VectorDraw File Converter Evaluation Application

VectorDraw File Converter is an end-user application utility that gives you the ability to convert the most commonly used drawing documents (.DWG, .DGN and .DXF files) to the new VectorDraw format standards (VDCL, VDML) and vice versa.

{ 4 build 1005.1.1 } Locked 45 MB 12 Jan 2024

VectorDraw FileConverter Eval/Lite for Linux

Contains the DEB file for installation of the VectorDraw FileConverter Eval on Linux Ubuntu x64 machines, includes a simple CAD editor also.

{ 4 build 1005.1.1 } Locked 26 MB 12 Jan 2024

VectorCADEx Sample. A C# 2005 CAD Editor

VectorCADEx (vdfCAD) is a CAD editor in C#. Includes the C# project (source code) Note: the source code is available only for the VDF subscribers.

{ made with 10.1005.1.1 Release } Locked 600 KB 12 Jan 2024