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Nuget 6.x

The NUGET packages for VisualStudio 2022 and later and projects that reference .NET 6.x Framework and later frameworks

{ 11.1.4 } Locked ~30 MB 18 Apr 2024


VisualStudio 2022 samples that demonstrate the usage of the VDF nuget packages in 6.x framework projects.

{ 11.1.4 } Unlocked ~85 MB 18 Apr 2024

Help Files

Here you can find general knowledge topics among with our libraries help files that explain the usage of our methods and properties.

{ 11.1.4 } Unlocked ~40 MB 18 Apr 2024

Sample Executables

All the executables of our samples including the VDFCAD (VectorCADex).

{ 11.1.4 } Unlocked ~130 MB 18 Apr 2024

After you purchase VectorDraw Developer Framework you need to use the vdLic.exe application in order to register your developer machine using the serial that we will provide.Our latest vdLic.exe can be found here.
Your application or sample will still run as evaluation. Every exe that uses Vectordraw Developers Framework must have a .lic license file created after the build of the application. The .lic license file can be easily created using the vdLic.exe mentioned above.vdLic.exe can produce the proper license file for your application (required also for the distribution) easily , please check this article.

Note you need a version 11 serial in order to register and use this version.


Distribution is made easily with publish of your project. Have in mind to create the .lic file on the post publish event for proper distribution.Please read our distribution information here