VDF Format Capabilities

Supported Formats

VectorDraw supports these vector files and raster formats from import and export :

.VDML,a dynamic XML format implemented by VectorDraw that has backward and forward compatibility.
compressed vdml.
.VDS, VectorDraw web script format supported by web control.

*.DWG, all versions up to AC1032 (all version up to Autocad 2023)
.DXF, all versions up to AC1032 (all version up to Autocad 2023)
*.DGN, version 8
.SKP, up to version 13
.LAS,.LAZ, (lidar point cloud data format)
.BMP,.STL , .JPG, .TIFF, .GIF, .PNG, .TGA, ICO , Raster Formats
.OBJ Wavefront obj format
.PLY files
.rtf files

These formats are also support but for export only : 

IFC supported with an internal Add-on product , import up to IFC 4 , export IFC4 (default) and 2x3.

Basic capabilities of VDF engine

• 2D Drawings    • Layers , group layers , filter layers
• 3D Drawings   • Layouts and Viewports
• Text styles (.SHX, .TTF)   • Editing capability inside Viewports
• Blocks, Inserts and Attributes   • Render, Hide and Shade
• Clipping Sections   • Object Selection Snap (end , middle , center , nearest etc...)
• Print, Print Preview and multiple page print jobs   • Materials
• Unlimited Undo/Redo   • Lights
• Line types (32 predefined linetypes) and custom LineTypes   • MultiText and simple Text objects
• Support WMF, EMF formats   • Real transformations with vdMatrix object
• Images (BMP, TIFF, GIF, JPG, PNG, TGA)   • Linear and Angular units
• Hyperlinks and Tooltips   • Hatching
• Asynchronous opening from URL location   • External Reference Drawings
• Extended Data (XProperties)   • 3D Orbit
• Zoom and Pan   • 3D Views
• Filter Selection object   • UCS
• Built in formats (VDML, VDCL)   • User Defined Custom Objects and Custom Actions
• Image Definition Object   • TrueColor Support
• Native .DXF Import/Export   • Native Export to .PDF and .SVG
• Globalization Capability of all resources.
• Ability to merge the XREF's (external references) entities and its dependent symbols as part of the current drawing.
• Asymmetrical tolerances in dimensions and more Dimension Overwrite values and formatted dimension texts.
• Hatch Pattern object (63 predefined hatch patterns) with new Hatch dialog for the predefined hatch patterns.
• Exported constants values for easier management of Vectordraw objects and programming.
• Supported .DWG/.DXF files up to version 2019, .DGN files version 8, .DWF files (using the VectorDraw File Converter utility)
• Large Number of User Edit Commands (Move , Erase , Rotate , Trim , Copy , Fillet , Offset , Extend etc...
• 2D Curve Combinations ( Exclude , Intersect , Union , Exclusive Disjunction XOR)
• Various Programming Environments (Visual Studio 2018 , 2015 , 2010 , 2008 , 2005 , Delphi , Visual Basic 6 , C++ 6)

Primitive Drawing Entities

Arc   3DFace
Attributes   PolyFace
Circle   PolyHatch
Dimension   Viewport
Ellipse   Image
Insert   Line
Point   PolyLine
Rectangle   Splines (Fitting , Quadratic , Cubic)
Custom Objects    Text & MultiText 
Group Objects    Leader 
Construction Lines    GroundSurface

Drawing Utilities

Grips   Ruler Object
Various Grid types   Snap
Osnaps   Ortho mode
Tooltips   Urls
Linear Units   Angular Units
Transparency   Offset, Chamfer command
Extend / Break / Trim Commands   Move / Erase / Copy commands
3d Orbit Rotate of scene   Pan / Zoom commands
Many Drawing commands like Spline , polyline , line , circle , arc etc...   Image Adgustments (Brightness , Contrast , Gamma , GrayScale , Sapia etc...

3D capabilities

Rendering types : Wire 2D, Wire 3D, Hide, Shade, Shade On, Render (applying materials, transparency & lights)
Views : Perspective, Orthogonal
Other : • Lights, 3D section clipping, Transparency, Multi User coordinate system , Shadows
   • vdGroundSurface Object Supports Mapped Images Over Surfaces to Produce  a Photorealistic Ground Surface Using Aerial Photos
   • Calculate a Surface from a List of Points and Countour Levels using Delanay Algorithm
  • Boolean Operations (Union , Intersection , Subscruption)
  • Volume Calculation , Slice operation , push/pull operation