We at VectorDraw for the last 3 years are working on a webcontrol which is a javascript graphics library designed to fullfill the demanding and rapidly evolving area of the web. The webcontrol can be used in html5 webpages and it can show and edit cad files. What a better way to upgrade this product other than using it ourselfs and therefore we proceeded into creating a website that utilizises the webcontrol and demonstrates its capabilities.

V Draw Box
vDrawBox is an end-user website designed to be used as a social network for CAD users giving them the ability to share their drawings. Being able to view these drawings from any device was very crucial. Since holding all the drawings of our users would be very difficult we decided to use googledrive or dropbox space of each user in order to store the converted drawings. So when the user uploads a drawing we convert it in our servers and then move it to the user's googledrive or dropbox space.

In order to use this website the following simple steps should be followed
- Create an account to vdrawbox using your email and a password.
- Connect your account with an existing account either in googledrive , or in dropbox where your drawings are going to be stored.
- Upload your files.
Then the user has the ability to share his drawing by creating a share weblink! You can send this link to your friends.

V Draw Box Web Cad

At the moment the whole website and service is provided as free Beta version which does not mean that it will remain as it is forever!

Please try it and tell us what you think and share it with your friends!!!