VectorDraw in Linux

We have been working on latelly on improvements into our code in order to support usage of our libraries in Linux systems with the help of Mono. From version 9 we are happy to announce that most functionality of Vectordraw is available and working in Linux systems and our clients can benefit from it. Below is a short description , for more information we encourage you to contact with us in order to discuss further on your project.

What VectorDraw has implemented?

We have prepared special versions of two very important dlls of our library which are the xfiles (for .dwg and .dxf functionality) and vdrawgl (main engine dll) and these dlls in combination with the rest of our .NET dlls should be distributed into a Linux operating system and function as they are in a .NET windows system. These special dlls have extension .so and are placed in the same folder as the rest of VectorDraw dlls.


The most common usage and most asked from our clients is to be able to create and function a service in a Linux server in order to convert drawings. Such a functionality with the combination of the web control will provide to our users the option to have a Linux server instead of a .NET server which was mandatory until now.

Also our vdFramecontrol is functioning well therefore a Linux application that can handle drawings and provide functionality to the user is also possible.

VectorDraw File Converter working in UBUNTU OS 16.04


VectorDraw CAD editor working in UBUNTU OS 16.04


Where can I develop?

Development still takes place in Windows. We provide distribution dlls and instructions on how our library should be distributed in a Linux machine in order to work properly.


As mentioned above all these cases use Mono and these implementations will be feasible only through Mono.

UBUNTU OS 16.04 is the minimum required version.

64 bit version is only supported as Linux operating systems are usually 64 bit.

Can I see a working example?

1) First of all we will provide our Vectordraw File converter setup for Linux. You can install and test the convertion and view/print capabilities of this application.
Also we will provide a simple CAD application (like SimpleCAD in our .NET version) which can be used to open/edit/export drawings into a Linux environment.
These two should be installed using this .deb file in the Linux machine: FileConverter For Linux.

2) As for samples , in our samples package (get it from: VectorDraw VDF, vdIFC and vdRay Samples) you will find a LINUX folder where there are two samples.
a) A simple CAD application using the vdFrameControl.
b) An ASPX example on how to create a simple webpage using the web control and also a service , placed in a Linux OS in order to open and view drawings of supported formats. 
It is very important to see these samples and also read the readme.txt files that are included which have very important information on how to prepare the Linux OS and also how distribution works.

3) You will also need the SxS files for Linux required for your distribution in the Linux machine. These files are included in our "VectorDraw Developer Framework Components Redistribution Files" download from here.