VectorDraw vdWall custom object

To all VectorDraw Developers Framework we provide a c# project that contains the source code of a wall object. The main purpose of the wall object is to give the ability to the user to create a walled building easily.

Why we provide the source code?

There are many applications that are based on a good Wall object. Through our experience and years of dealing with CAD applications we realize that having a Wall object that can cover all visual needs is pretty difficult. Therefore instead of providing this object into our main product as a vdFigure and packing it with numerous of properties and events in order to cover all our client's needs , we decided to create the basic and more difficult functionality of the object and let our customers decide what else needs to be added in order to fit their application's approach.

Wall 2680pxpx

How can I see the vdWall in action?

We provide a test application where you can test the functionality of the wall object (The above image is from this application). You can check this after installing the VDF developer setup and find it to the installation folder.

What About the source code?

The source code is provided to all VectorDraw Developer Framework annual subscribersd. The source code is fully documented and also we are willing to answer clarification questions regarding our source code. Also we will support and improve this code in the future depending the feedback we will get from our clients. If a client requires additions to this code and is not willing to do them on his own, this is something that has to be discussed as a custom development plan which means that is not provided with the annual support of the VectorDraw Developers Framework but with additional cost depending the work that is required. We believe that once a client understands a little the source code of the wall object it will be easy to make additions to this code regarding his project's needs.

So what can vdWall do that a polyline with widths does not?

First of all vdWall has both 2D and 3D representations. vdWall supports openings which can be used as windows or doors and these are also visible in 3D.
vdWall supports textures where you can place an image (bricks for example) and have a very nice 3D result.
vdWall can support orientation which means that you can draw the wall with center orientation (like a polyline) but also a right or left orientation.
vdWall trims the corners with a slight different algorithm as a polyline which makes connecting walls visually better specially when arcs are being used.
Having the sourcecode also is a plus which means that you can customize the appearance as you like and also make internal calculations like length/area etc...

And generally this object can be used exactly to create walls and buildings while the polyline's use is for other purposes.