VectorDraw web library (javascript) OLDBEFORE 2024

After reasearching for several years the posibility of showing or work over the internet and rejecting various projects we ended up to the conclusion that with the help of javascript we will be able to demonstrate vector graphics over the web in internet browsers other than the Microsoft's IE (where the ocx is supported). So Finally we are proud to announce the VectorDraw Web Library.

What is it?

A vector 3D graphics library that is designed to not only open CAD drawings but also display generic vector objects on any platform that supports the HTML 5 standard, such as Windows, Android, IOS and Linux. It can be executed in every major web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Dolphin, Boat and more) that support the use of canvas and Javascript, without any installation. This means that you can show your work from many formats like DXF, DWG, DGN, SKP (Google's Sketchup), VDML and more, on almost every Computer, Tablet, Smartphone or Laptop out there. VectorDraw web library is written exclusively in Javascript and runs on the client side, also it contains an object model similar to that of DXF and .Net VectorDraw Framework components.


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vdraw web library benchmark

Benchmark your device with our web library

How it can be used?

The key of this web control is the .vds format that we have created. The user must convert his drawings into vds format using vdfCAD or our VectorDraw Developers Framework library. VDS files must be uploaded to a server and then the web control(inserted in a webpage) is capable into downloading this file to the client's machine and display it. Using javascript the developer of the website will be capable into getting the file in a DXF like form. Layers , Layouts , Entities , colors , geometrical properties of the entities etc... all are there at the disposal of the developer. For the moment this web control is intended to be a powerfull viewer with some basic edit capabilities but it is a project that is evolving very quickly depending the requirements and needs of our clients.

When you export your drawing you will have to enter (either to vdfCAD either to the VDF export method) a LicVal which is a code generated by us and it has to do with the location on the server where the drawing is going to be opened from. You will have to obtain LicVals for the separate locations where you are going to place your drawings. If you do not provide a LicVal then an evaluation bitmap will be shown when you open the drawing to your server.


Web control does not follow the license scenario of our VDF (VectorDraw Developers Framework) product. This means that you do not have to authorize the machine with any serial that you are going to use this library. Also there are no license number for this product which means that the license you obtain can be used by several web developers. You will still see evaluation messages but this is solved by purchasing LicVal (server license) for each server that you are going to use it.

You can see the VectorDraw web library license here.

There two options on getting this product

  • If you are not a VectorDraw Developers Framework subscriber then you will obtain our web control and also get the vdfCAD application which will enable you to create vds files. You will get upgrades for one year and all the help from our support team.
  • If you are a VectorDraw Developers subscriber then the price of obtaining the web control is less. You will also get the vdfCAD application but also you will have the ability to call an export method through our VDF libvrary to export vds files. This will give you the ability to have this export method into your application or even create a service in a server to make the convertion. This is the main difference between these two options.
    You will also get one year of updates plus unlimited support.

How much it will cost me

After evaluating our product and make sure that it does the job for your project you have to buy 1 new license of VectorDraw web library. By purchasing a new license of VectorDraw web library you are granted 1 year of free upgrades of the library. Now you will also need LicVal codes which are dependend on the server that your drawings are going to be kept. So for example if you create 4 different websites that contain our library then you need 4 LicVal codes. These codes are provided from our sales department when you place your order and send us the server name.
After one year your subscription will expire. At this point you have the option to upgrade your subscription and get 1 more year of free upgrades and support (standard or premium if you are not a VDF client). If you do not upgrade your subscription and need our help later you will have to buy a new license again from scratch. Upgrading your subscription gives you the ability to get all our latest work , updates , bug fixes etc... and also gives us the funding to maintain and improve our product.
In order to buy a LicVal the client must have an active annual subscription. If the client's subscription expires he can still use his current websites but if the clients still develops with the web control and requires new LicVal licenses then an active annual subscription is required!

Download Evaluation version which also includes vdfCAD application.

For more information please contact our sales department , we will be happy to answer all your questions.