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VectorDraw Support Scheme is a Support 1-year scheme that it is designed especially for all our VDF customers in order to satisfy your development, design, drafting and engineering needs and secure that you are always using the latest components of VectorDraw. This support scheme is offered as long the customer is annual subscriber to our products and services.

By accepting the VectorDraw Developer Framework Annual Software Agreement and renew your subscription every year you are entitled to:

  • Upgrade each time VectorDraw releases new major versions (ex: from 5.x to the latest 6.x).

  • Minor updates (ex: from 6.6019.0.5 to 6.6021.0.1), such as, enhancements and maintenance releases.

  • 12 months Support, which is available via Telephone, Web Support Form and Email.

  • Notification in advance, to all major upgrades such as full version releases and any new products(subscribe to our newsletter).

  • Source code Security (paragraph 5.5 of the VectorDraw Developer Framework Annual Software Agreement)

  • Advice and suggestion for better and maximum utilization of the component.

  • Rapid response and handling of technical-related questions within 24 hours.

At least one valid license of our component is required.

Web Support Form could be achieved with a 24 hour notice. Emails are also a secure and prompt way in dealing with your inquiries.

VectorDraw's Support Scheme is a secure and convenient way that guarantees the highest level of services and support.

VectorDraw Corporation has a team of devoted Technical Support Engineers eager to provide their assistance to any questions submitted about our SDK products. 

Please note that for your convenience and better assistance, we require from you to provide questions and problems to our Technical Support Team regarding the functionality of our components only.

When possible, please try to duplicate the problem in one of our sample client applications.

If the problem involves a specific Drawing document file, please attach the file to your message. We treat all drawing document client files as confidential.

If a problem involves a large Drawing document file, please try to reduce the file down to a minimal example, or in some way indicate specifically where the problem is in the drawing.

Also it is necessary to provide your programming environment , programming language , serial number and what kind of control you are using (.NET library or ocx) for a more prompt and fast response.

VectorDraw Technical Support Engineers are available from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  GMT (11 - 19 CET) at +30 210 9739 781 or at