Major Changes in 6020

In version 6020 that is available from our website there are some major changes from versions 6019 and previous. The changes are about redistribution of the 6020 version that is changed from 6019 and previous, DGN is now x64 ready and DGN import can be done in x64 and AnyCPU projects, build options of your projects is changed as you can use both x86 and AnyCPU builds. Note that the VDF Wrapper is no longer automatically installed in the developer's system and there is a check box in the setup of our components that the developer needs to check in order the VDF Wrapper to be installed in the system.

1) Redistribution Changes

From version 6.6020 and above there are two different merge modules available for the VDF developers. These are the VdrawEndUserRetargetableModule.msm and the VdrawCOM_Module.msm. These merge modules will not add the VDF libraries into system's GAC.

  • The developers that use VDF Wrapper component (vdraw.ocx) under VB6, VC++ 6, Delphi etc should use the  VdrawCOM_Module.msm to create a setup for their application.
  • The developers that use the VDF .NET components (vdFramed/vdScrollable/vdDocument etc) should use the  VdrawEndUserRetargetableModule.msm or create a copy-side-by-side installation (SxS) using the files inside the

Side-by-side installation for the VDF Wrapper is not possible due to the ActiveX nature of the vdf wrapper component. For more information and detailed instructions see the readme_redis.htm document that comes along our setup.

2) New .DGN file import

From version 6.6020 the .DGN libraries in the FileConverter are changed. Now they are build with VS2008 as AnyCPU and can be used in x86 (32bit) and in x64 (64bit) systems. Older .DGN file libraries (version 6019 and previous) was x86 (32bit) only. This way you will not get memory errors when you try to open huge .DGN files if you use x64 operating systems where the 2GB memory limitation do not exist as in x86 systems. This is transparent to developer/end-user, the developer doesn't need any changes in his projects.

3) Version/Build numbers

In version 6.6020 the versioning of the components/libraries is changed. The versioning scheme from version 6020 is like : 6.XXXX.RR.BB where :

  • 6is the major version
  • XXXXis the build, like 6019 or 6020 or 6021
  • RRwill specify if is a Release (RR will be 1) or a Beta (RR will be 0) build
  • BBwill be the beta build like 1,2,3,,,,11. It will be 0 when this is a Release version

4) New build options

In version 6.6020 and above you can use either x86 or AnyCPU build options (platform target) for your  .NET (VS2005/VS2008/VS20190) projects that contain our VDF .NET components (vdFramed/vdScrollable/vdDocument etc).  x86 build option will produce a 32bit application that will work as such in any system (x86 or x64 systems). The AnyCPU build option will produce an AnyCPU application that will work as x86 (32bit) in x86 systems (like Windows XP 32bit or Windows Vista 32bit) and will work as x64 (64bit) in x64 systems (like Windows XP 64Bit or Seven x64). Note that 32bit applications have a memory limitation of 2GB and this is by design of the OS, while the 64bit applications have 8TB of memory limit. See more information here: Also note that the same application that have the same document opened in x86 in general will consume less memory than a the same application with the same document in x64, and this is because the data in x64 will consume more bits/bytes in memory. Also note that you can build AnyCPU application that will target a x64 system in any system even if your build machine is a Windows XP 32bit system.

When you upgrade your 6019 (or previous VDF) project to 6020 make sure that the VDF references in your project are correct and pointing to the new 6020 DLLs and also that the Licenses.licx file is correct stating 6.6020.0.0 version and not any other version.

5) VectorDraw Dev. Framework for CE

From version 6.6020 the filefilter.dll is not available any more. So you cannot just drag&drop a drawing to the CE device and open the drawing. In previous versions - and by using filefilter.dll - the drawing was automatically converted to VDCL but this is not happening with version 6.6020. You have to manually convert a drawing to VDCL/VDML and then drop this VDCL/VDML file to the CE device. This can be done with FileConverter tool (Full or Lite) or by your own desktop application.

Check also the quick_usage_manual.htm that comes with our setup for a getting started guide.