Readme redistribution version 11 .NET

VDF Components Redistribution !

Application Redistribution - for VectorDraw Dev. Framework version 11.x and later

All our managed DLLs now are in AnyCPU build and just some unmanaged DLLs are x86 and x64 and are loaded dynamically. Also now we provide 2 different MergeModules that contain our dlls and can be used in your setup projects for COM/ActiveX applications. The Icons (*.ico) where removed from these merge modules as the icons are now added to the dll's resources. Please read below the new procedures you should follow:

Using managed .NET VDF components in managed .NET projects
When using the following Components inside a Visual Studio 2010/2013/2015/2017/2019/2022 managed application:
   VectorDraw.Professional.Components.VdDocumentComponet exported from VectorDraw.Professional.dll
   VectorDraw.Professional.Control.VectorDrawBaseControl exported from VDrawBaseControl.dll
   vdScrollableControl exported from vdScrollableControl.dll
   vdControls.vdFramedControl exported from vdFramedControl.dll
   vdPropertyGrid exported from vdPropertyGrid.dll
   vdCommandLine exported from vdCommandLine.dll
   vdRay exported from vdRay.dll
   vdIFC exported from vdIFC.dll

Distribute using Side by Side (SxS) single xcopy command

In the same folder as your application, extract all the items of you have downloaded from our site. Just make sure they are the same build number and date as the components used in your project. Do not forget to add the .vdlic file that is created by vdLic.exe application during build.

In the same folder add the VectorDraw Custom objects dll(s) (if you have some of them) and the Customized Dialog/Icons/Menu/Commands globalization files (if you have some of them) . Add the customized necessary vdres.txt, menu.txt, commands.txt, vdFormRes.dll or copy them in another folder, after setting the property SupportPath to the folder's full path, of the vdDocument object in your application's source code.

NOTE:You can use an application configuration file if you want to add VectorDraw components in a subfolder of the application folder. The Configuration file must be placed in the same folder as your application exe. For example, if the name of your application is MyApplication.exe then the name of the configuration file must have the name MyApplication.exe.config and if you want the sub folder to have the name Bin then the contents of this config file must look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1">
<probing privatePath="Bin"/>

NOTE: The 3.5 SP1 or.NET 4.x or .NET Core 6.x and laterand theVisual C++ (2015-2022) "14" Runtime Libraries  (X86 and x64) Redistributables is required to be installed in the distribution machine so you need to install them.   
In 32bit (x86) machines only the x86 versions of  VS C++ (2015-2022) "14" Runtime are needed.
Also glu32.dll and opengl32.dll are required to exist in the windows system folder

.DWG/.DGN File Support

If you need DWG/DGN support in your application, then you need to redistribute the FileConverters Full/Lite setup along with your setup, "as is" as provided by us, so the user reads and accepts the EULA of FileConverter. If you are member of the OpenDesign Alliance this is not necessary, just email us in order to provide you the extra information you need for redistributing OpenDesign's Teigha libraries with your setup.