Redistribute VDF Libraries for version 6019 and previous

 ***  The document below is for VDF 6.6019 versions and previous. For VDF version 6.6020 and above please read this *** 

In order to redistribute your VDF-enabled application you have to use an installer and create a installation/setup. For redistributing your application we provide a Merge Module file, a MSM (can be used in an installer) that setups and registers all the necessary dlls for your application to run.  This  "Merge Module" that can be used with various "Setup Authoring" tools and it contain all VectorDraw files and VectorDraw dependency files and can be merged in your installation. This file is located in our website as a zip file in our "Developer Area". If you need a merge module of a previous version then contact us in order to provide it to you. You should use the same version Merge Module with the version that you build your application. Also, Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package is required.


Your installer might need some extra MSMsthat come from Microsoft. These can be downloaded from here. These MSMs must be placed in the SearchPatch of your installation project as shown above.

Note : From version 6018 (including 6018 beta versions) and upward the Microsoft_VC80_CRT_x86.msm, Microsoft_VC80_MFC_x86.msm, policy_8_0_microsoft_vc80_crt_x86.msm and policy_8_0_microsoft_vc80_mfc_x86.msm are not necessary. For 6017 and earlier versions you need to add these msms in your setup as shown below.
exclude    MergeModules
The above files(highlighted)should be excluded from your installation project. These files are already in the VectorDraw MergeModule.    You should also include in your installation project the above(highlighted)MSMs that can be downloaded from the link above. 

Screenshots above are from a VisualStudio 2005 Setup Project.

Note that these merge modules (as shown in the pictures above) :
     - Microsoft_VC80_CRT_x86.msm
     - Microsoft_VC80_MFC_x86.msm
     - policy_8_0_Microsoft_VC80_CRT_x86.msm
     - policy_8_0_Microsoft_VC80_MFC_x86.msm
can be downloaded from MSDN or they already exist in your machine (installed  from VisualStudio 2005/2008 setup) in a folder like [programfiles]\Common Files\Merge Modules, and may automatically added to your setup project after adding the VectorDraw merge module. See picture below:


If you need to use the VectorDraw wrapper control inside Internet Explorer the you should read this article.

Note that if you also provide to the customer the FileConverter Lite, then this must be the same version as the component you use. So if you build your application with VDF version 6005 libraries then you should use the 6005 Merge Module and also the FileConverter Lite version 6005.