VectorDraw Utilities

If you encounter any difficulty with authorizing/unauthorizing our product please download our latest vdAuthorizeApp application from the link below

   Authorization Utility for Developers:  vdAuthorizeApp (available only for VDF customers). Note the application should state "ver10003.1" in its title.



You can also download our vdDiagnostic utility which may help our support team diagnose problems in your developer machine

   Diagnostic utility: vdDiagnostic 
This utility produces the vdDiag-LOG.txt with the VDF dlls/tlbs/ocx installed in the system. It also produces a vdDiag.CAB file that you should sent to us if it is asked by our support team.

Note: These utilities must be run with administrative privileges in the system, and in Windows Vista/Seven/8/Server2008/Server2012 with right-click and "Run as Administrator" option.