All Articles for version[10.1001]


Wish : 70002174 Add Polygon select on WebControl
Bug : 70002154 Open vds from VDF FrameWork loses Layer 0 properties
Bug : 70002155 Double numbers are not parsed properly when open vds files from VDF component


Wish : 70002177 new Dwg Export Flags
Bug : 70002159 Error Opening of specific dwg file
Bug : 70002180 Hatch backround issue in DWG
Bug : 70002188 Issue with external references layers on off property in dwg file
Bug : 70002197 DWG with specific SHX cannot be imported


Bug : 70002173 PDF export issue incompatibility with some PDF viewers


Wish : 70002153 I wish I could know the unit type of a unit xproperty of a product
Wish : 70002160 I wish when cloning a vdProduct object the IFCGlobalId would be preserved
Wish : 70002198 Read IFC object type properties
Bug : 70002156 Lunits of vdIfcDocument is not perserved when the object is cloned
Bug : 70002158 IFC products with SectionPath entities are no export properly to IFC
Bug : 70002214 Same objects are not saved properly after scaling
Bug : 70002215 Selecting and scaling IFC objects produce incorrect results


Bug : 70002223 Some Hatches are not visible from Dgn files


Wish : 70002151 Manage new ISupportResolveReferenceObjects entities
Wish : 70002161 Speed up osnap selection
Wish : 70002167 I wish I could reset the DimOvewriteValue of vdLeader object
Wish : 70002178 vdExportFlags default value changed
Wish : 70002179 vdPolyface improvements
Wish : 70002189 Move Model entities to an other Document
Wish : 70002190 EMF images are exported to PDF with low quality
Wish : 70002196 Update properties on printer when exiting the printer form
Wish : 70002200 Polyface with large number of vertices is not exported correctly in DXF
Bug : 70002150 Update of vdAttrib or vdInsert with vdAttribs hang the application
Bug : 70002152 Error loading ProxyFigures from vdml file
Bug : 70002162 Color Dialog components are not display properly
Bug : 70002165 Exception is thrown when UpdateActionControl is called
Bug : 70002166 Cannot delete layer when used in Attribute that is inside a deleted insert
Bug : 70002176 Boxes are drawn on an Mtext when BackGroundMask is true in the Textstyle
Bug : 70002181 CmdStrecth issue with polyline with last segment arc
Bug : 70002183 Draw entities with linetypes in 3d render freezes the application
Bug : 70002185 Model zoom extends raises Illegal characters in path error
Bug : 70002186 HatchProperties with HatchBlock is not visible in high zoomscale
Bug : 70002187 Redo history is cleared when the zoom changed
Bug : 70002191 TrueType Fonts and Line widths are not correct when import EMF file
Bug : 70002182 Some issues exporting Dimension and Text to DXF
Bug : 70002194 Pencolor transparency of vdImage is not working in wire2d render mode
Bug : 70002201 Issue with grip selecting nothing
Bug : 70002202 Some Korean SHX texts are not displayed properly
Bug : 70002204 Stream closed after LoadFromMemory
Bug : 70002205 Pattern hatched area selection
Bug : 70002206 STL file is not imported properly due to regional settings
Bug : 70002208 Some PAT files are not loaded properly
Bug : 70002209 anti-aliasing disabled for high poly polyfaces in wireframe mode vdraw 10
Bug : 70002210 ExplodeCustomObjectsOnSave does not supported when export to dgn file format
Bug : 70002212 Blocks with self refences blocks throw an exception
Bug : 70002213 Reducing the Z Scale of block references alters the colors in 3d render modes
Bug : 70002216 some vdPolyFace objects are not draw properly
Bug : 70002217 Object snaps are not working properly with hatched fill polylines
Bug : 70002219 Slow draw of specific drawing with many vdInsert
Bug : 70002221 Open vddimension from WebControl adds extra Xproperty
Bug : 70002222 BoundingBox of vdDimension raises an exception when it is not added to a Document
Bug : 70002226 CmdCircle user action does not select right Radius when 3d osnaps selected
General : 70002163 Support of NET CORE 6
General : 70002172 New License Managment
General : 70002211 Length Units when exporting SKP files